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Not slogans but diplomacy needed on migrants - Tajani

'Arrivals already decreasing from Tunisia and Libya'

22 September, 14:05

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 22 - Much diplomacy is needed to manage the flow of irregular migrants arriving in Europe, Deputy Premier, Foreign Minister and interim secretary of centre-right Forza Italia (FI) Antonio Tajani said on Friday. On migrants "the Italian government has brought the issue to the attention of the United Nations and we have obtained many positive results, especially from the countries of departure and from those who want to cooperate," said Tajani on the sidelines of a FI press conference at the Lower House in Rome. "Much diplomacy is needed," he continued. "We are working hard, the number of people arriving from Tunisia and Libya is already decreasing, we are seeing the first positive results," said Tajani. "We must be optimistic, determined, serious. We do not need slogans but a lot of hard work and that is what we are doing," he concluded.
    On Wednesday Premier Giorgia Meloni called for a global war against human traffickers in her address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York. "Can an organisation like this, which affirms 'faith in the dignity and value of the human person' in its founding document, really turn the other way in the face of this havoc?" she asked, referring to the migrants and refugees who have arrived in Italy via sea from North Africa this year. "I am convinced that it is the duty of this organisation to reject all hypocrisy on this issue and to declare a global war, with no compromises, on human traffickers," Meloni added. "To do this we have to work together at every level, and Italy intends to be on the front line," she said. (ANSA).

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