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Research serves society's needs, ad hoc classes for scientists

EU Pattern project kicks off, and Sissa participates, too

12 September, 16:28

(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 12 SET - Promoting more inclusive, sustainable, and responsible research by strengthening the collaborative relationship between researchers, citizens, policymakers, organizations, and businesses (Open RRI). This is the starting point of the Pattern project, launched in January and funded by the EU under Horizon Europe's Widera program. The aim is to design and propose educational activities for female researchers at every stage of their careers, according to an Open RRI approach and in favor of research that supports society.
    The project, which will last 42 months, involves 19 partners from 13 countries working together to enhance education in science communication, research integrity, fair data management, and open access.
    The International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste is among the partners and is the leading partner for science communication. As SISSA's Agnese Baini explains, the project was launched in January. Also collaborating among the partners is the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb, Croatia's leading institute for natural, biomedical, and environmental sciences.
    "Open RRI approach impacts the relationship between researchers, citizens, policymakers, and organizations," explains Baini, a research fellow involved in the project, "The idea is that research is supportive of society. The project is now finishing its first phase, mapping best practices and assessing the quality of existing European educational activities. SISSA is doing this for science communication. Then, we will create educational material from this analysis and test it with our researchers, just as RBI in Zagreb will do independently. After evaluating the first test, we will do a second one. A new evaluation will follow, and we will create a public course platform soon." According to the program, the new courses will start in April 2024. (ANSA).

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