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Sissa of Trieste in the Blessed project for clean energy

Goal to optimize batteries for electric mobility

16 November, 22:21

(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 16 NOV - Sissa in Trieste is part of the European Blessed project that aims to contribute to greener mobility. "A 90 percent reduction in transport emissions by 2050 is needed to achieve the European Green Deal goals on climate neutrality. The automotive industry, the project description says, urgently needs to accelerate the introduction of alternative powertrains for electrified vehicles." Hydrogen-fueled proton exchange membrane fuel cells (Pemfc) are carbon-free power devices that meet these goals in both mobile and stationary applications. Blessed aims to revolutionize the design process of next-generation Pemfc to improve efficiency, durability and affordability for widespread use, with direct implications in clean energy and sustainable industry and mobility. Blessed will train 15 Ph.D. students in all, including one at Sissa in Trieste, where Gianluigi Rozza, who coordinates the applied mathematics laboratory, explains that "this is, in a nutshell, a project related to new and emerging technologies, and linked to sustainability and the environment.We are working on optimizing batteries for electric mobility, in collaboration with the European Toyota and other partners.We are at a stage where we are recruiting the PhD who will be in charge of the project for Sissa."Rozza recalls that "it will definitely be a challenge, an effort in a new but necessary direction, to send the message that research, in addition to being sustainable and improving people's lives, must also try to take on emerging strands." (ANSA).

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