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    • 14:48
    • 24 feb

    Ukraine part of our home and we will defend it -Meloni at G7

    Antonov Airport symbol of Russian failure says PM before summit
    • 12:34
    • 24 feb

    EU chief praises Ukrainian 'resistance' on war anniversary

    'More than ever, we stand firmly by Kyiv': von der Leyen
    • 12:04
    • 22 feb

    Bilateral security agreement with Kiev soon says Tajani

    Accord of political and symbolic value says foreign minister
    • 12:54
    • 21 feb

    EU agrees fresh sanctions on Russia over Ukraine war

    On the eve of the second anniversary of Moscow's invasion
    • 18:59
    • 19 feb

    Ukraine says Polish border blockade a 'security threat'

    "Negative impact on our confrontation with enemy called Russia"
    • 13:53
    • 17 feb

    Blinken, China's Wang discuss Russia, US sanctions

    Top diplomat asked to lift sanctions on Chinese entities
    • 16:36
    • 02 feb

    Polish farmers will block border crossings with Ukraine

    "Our patience is over"
    • 10:11
    • 02 feb

    Putin will not stop if he wins: Romanian defence chief

    Country and NATO should prepare for a potential war with Russia
    • 12:20
    • 01 feb

    EU's 27 states reach deal on 50 bn-euro aid to Ukraine

    Opposition from Hungary's Viktor Orban was overcome
    • 10:02
    • 31 gen

    EU must be faster in making decisions - Crosetto

    Can't afford to face problems as we have up to now - defence min
    • 10:44
    • 29 gen

    EU threatens to hit Hungary's economy: FT

    If Orban vetoes aid to Ukraine