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Starnberger expands internationally: Bavarian Craft Beer Brand Partners with Krombacher for Europea


Starnberger expands internationally: Bavarian Craft Beer Brand Partners with Krombacher for Europea


Responsabilità editoriale di news aktuell

07 marzo 2024, 11:00

news aktuell



PressRelease - Responsabilità editoriale di news aktuell

Krombach/Germany. Germany’s family owned and operated Krombacher Brewery, helps to introduce one of Bavaria’s most exciting craft breweries to a wider audience by launching the Starnberger brand internationally as of March 2024.

Delivering a refreshingly modern interpretation of Bavarian beers and their culture, the brands’ core product is Starnberger Hell, an authentic Bavarian lager-style specialty. In addition to the traditionally large beer markets of France, Italy and the UK, Starnberger will also see South-East Europe as a starting point for its journey throughout the world.

The launch date for Starnberger Hell is perfectly chosen: Just in time for 2024’s busy summer including the European Football Championships in Germany and well in advance of this autumn’s Bavarian Oktoberfest fest activities, Starnberger will enthuse European beer fans.

Oliver Braun, Managing Director of Krombacher International says: 
“With growing interest in regional German beer styles, we are delighted to offer a 100% authentic taste of Bavaria from one of the region’s hottest breweries to European consumers. The addition of Starnberger Hell alongside our popular and successful Krombacher beer portfolio ensures we have one of the most diverse and appealing German beer ranges in international markets.”

Starnberger Hell - The authentic Bavarian classic 

Brewed according to the German Purity Law with only the finest Bavarian ingredients, Starnberger Hell (4.8% abv) is an easy-drinking, fine-flavoured and refreshing Bavarian lager. At the first sip, it is delicately tart, later revealing wheat notes balancing in harmony with the citrus notes of the hops and the malty aromas of lime honey. Full-bodied with a round taste and a golden shine, Starnberger Hell personifies everything that is good about the best Bavarian beers. 

About Starnberger Brewery - good things from Bavaria

Located on and taking its name from the famously idyllic Lake Starnberg in Bavaria, the Starnberger Brewery has helped to create new excitement in Germany’s traditional brewing scene since launching its first beers in 2016.

The Starnberger brewery prides itself on a craft approach to brewing and maturation, where creativity and tradition meet. Only the finest natural, locally sourced ingredients are accepted. This includes pure water from deep wells in the lush surroundings of Lake Starnberg, hops from the Hallertau region and malt from two Bavarian malthouses. 

Initially based in Berg, a small village 35km south-west of Bavaria’s capital Munich, the brewery saw stunning growth and in just five years it had outgrown the space.  At the time of its relocation to Feldafing, on the other side of Lake Starnberg in 2020, the brewery began a partnership with the Krombacher Brewery to increase distribution and impact across Germany and in international markets.   

Press contact: 
Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co. KG
Peter Lemm, Company Spokesperson
Mail: press@krombacher.com
Phone: + 49 (0) 2732 880 872

PressRelease - Responsabilità editoriale di news aktuell

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